CDSG president-elect vows to “echo” students’ concerns, bridge the gap between students and admin

By Mecca Ella Sularte

Council of Department Student Government (CDSG) president-elect Jessa Mae Sajetarios, expressed her commitment to echoing the voice of the UMTCians in crucial matters that affect them, as she emphasizes “amplifying the voice of the students” as one of her main platforms once elected to the council for the school year 2021-2022.

In her recorded video speech, Sajetarios emphasized leading the students in addressing their concerns on “particular issues” to the right authorities to bridge the gap between them and the administration.

“I am committed to listen and echo their (UMTC students) voices to proper departments and respective authorities involved, thus, bridging the gap between the administration and the students,” Sajetarios said.

“I will be of service to everyone and would gladly listen to all of the insight to particular issues that matter to this institution,” she added.

The new student council president also assured that her administration would ensure an open communication system in the entire campus so that the council will be able to foster healthy conversations with the students.

“I assure that my administration will listen and act on the students’ appeals for the betterment of this institution,” the newly-elected CDSG president said in an interview with Collegium.

The Junior Finance Executive (JFINEX) former president also highlighted budget transparency, relationship building, and health and wellness as amongst her aims to “wholeheartedly serve the entire student body”. 

Sajetarios underscored ways to ensure that the students will get to remain updated on the council’s financial matters, sighting to foster students’ confidence in the council’s financial undertakings.

“My vision for this council is to be transparent as possible when it comes to the council’s budget. Hence, every monetary transaction should be clearly stated in the financial report and there should have a liquidation report quarterly to be presented to all UMTC students through the official Facebook page of CDSG,” Sajetarios said.

In addition, Sajetarios also mentioned joint efforts and utilizing available resources in crafting essential knowledge and developing students’ skills that would eventually result in a strengthened relationship among the council and the students.

“I will take advantage of technology in strengthening the bond and relationship between the council and the students. This way, we become a more advanced and developed government body by utilizing social media platforms as a tool for knowledge and skills formation,” she added.

The newly-elected president also believes that education is largely affected by the pandemic and students are the prime cost brought by the sudden transition in educational delivery.

“Everyone’s situation is different but we cannot refute the anxiety, stress, sadness, and struggles that all of us are carrying today…One of the priorities of my administration is to give an assurance to the students that CDSG is a safe space. The student council should frontline both the administration and students,” the CDSG president emphasized.

Moreover, she also said that one of the most pressing issues is the fact that the “students are exhausted in this new setup which in result, affects their health and wellbeing”.

“I plan to address this concern by spearheading webinars, forums, and various events that focus on shaping their social, spiritual, mental, and emotional stability,” Sajetarios said.

Sajetarios wants to make sure that the council will serve as an open book to students wherein they can confide their thoughts and emotions without worries.

“What we need today is someone who could listen to our story. Someone who could talk to us without the fear of expressing and feeling exposed. With that, one of my projects is to launch a hotline for students wherein they could freely talk to us and share their struggles,” Sajetarios revealed.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Office of Student Affairs, Ma’am Marialyn C. Gonzaga also has words for the newly-elected president of UMTC’s student council.

“This will be a challenging task for the newly-elected CDSG president. You will be bringing a big responsibility… You will be officiating a lot of activities and initiatives in the whole school year,” Gonzaga said during the official announcement of the winners of the CDSG election.

Jessa Mae Sajetarios, incoming 4th-year college student, taking up BSBA Financial Management, will serve the UMTC student council for the academic year 2021-2022.

Sajetarios will succeed Charles Darwin Calising from the Department of Teacher Education in the CDSG presidency, after winning over DTE’s Justine Jones Notarte and DAE’s Rocky Jay Balaba in the recently concluded CDSG election.

Graphic by Aron Gabriel Guibelondo

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