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The Collegium, the official print media student organization of UM Tagum College, also recognized as the institution’s official student publication, dedicates to becoming a more sensible, responsible, and reliable source of information to the stakeholders of UMTC. From the traditional means of disseminating news, stories, and updates through the print media, the Collegium shifts to social media and other online platforms in the recent years and during the pandemic period, in order to cater the increasing demands in its community for more easily accessible information in the trying times.

As a student publication, the Collegium believes that it shall be the center of the students’ expression, and must therefore uphold the highest standards and ethics of journalism to carry out its prime mission. It shall be the watchdog of democracy within campus level. Under the Declaration of Principles in the organization’s Constitution and By-Laws, Collegium is driven to serve its community under the guarantee of the basic freedom that motivates its core functions – the freedom of the press. The freedom of the press is the veritable pillar that holds up the inviolable right of the students to know of the issues, concerns and happenings which may affect their academic endeavors and involvement in the institution. The publication has the sacred duty to struggle for the truth side by side the students.

Meanwhile, as a student organization, the Collegium also promotes willingness to collaborate with the rest of the institution’s functioning bodies. It also manifests supports specifically to the clubs and other organizations of the university, in the name of representing the general interest and welfare of the students. Today, with its aim to better systematize its function and with its vision to become a truly dependable student media organization not just in its context, the Collegium does its best to expand its reach and widen its perspectives for reasonable causes – improving its services to its immediate community, upholding the press freedom without compromising respect and fairness, and becoming an established and reliable Mindanaoan student publication.

The Collegium is ceaseless in the maintaining its motto – “Your Information, Our Obligation”. It works for the empowerment of the students of UM Tagum College by becoming their voice towards upright, respectable and reasonable expression. With all these being said, it is certain that Collegium invests efforts, talent, and skills, and manifests the competence of its Editorial Board and Staff to serve the university, the students, other stakeholders, the community, Mindanao, and the nation through its best work.